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Hydromedia - 3E solution for drainage

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(Engineering - Environment - Economic)
" Engineering: rapid water removal and water infiltration into the ground.
Environment: provides a natural groundwater recharge in urban environment, reduced pollution in storm water.
Economic: Reduced storm water management costs".  

In the article "Drainage in Ho Chi Minh City” by Dr. To Van Truong, Director of Southern Water Resources Planning, has proposed 3E solution to solve drainage problem in Ho Chi Minh City by combining Engineering, Environment and Economic. (

Lafarge, a global company from France introduced Hydromedia ready mix concrete which able to solve drainage problem by 3E solution. 

Drainage problem not only happens in Ho Chi Minh City, but also in rapid urbanization areas, this issue has greatly affected people life as well as the social and economic development of cities. Most of real estate projects located in flooded areas are often significantly reduce the value and very difficult to attract buyers. Even houses for rent are unable to give a high price in such places. 

Recently, Lafarge Vietnam has introduced pervious concrete Hydromedia with the ability to meet 3E’s requirements.

Hydromedia is a new fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs storm water off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. 3E is performed in the following characteristics:
Engineering: Quickly remove water on the surface, water-free surfaces, safer roads and parking areas.
Environment: Minimizes urban impact on natural water cycle; Provides natural groundwater recharge in urban environments;
Economic: Reduced storm water management costs, reduced long term maintenance costs.

In addition to 3E, Hydromedia also highlights with the ease of placement due to its high flexibility, easy to place concrete, durability and aesthetic appeal with wide range of shades: red, blue, yellow, etc., cleaner look than other permeable pavements. The unique mix design of Hydromedia offers not only the best-in-class drainage and a surface resilient to wear but also an industry-leading aesthetic appeal. 

Hydromedia is suitable for applications of walkways, parking, driveways (bicycles, internal roads or residential villas, internal roads of apartment), and drained substrates (tennis, golf yard). This is considered as a sustainable solution for project developers to enhance the value of real estate projects.

With the outstanding performance of Hydromedia, Big C Supermarket Binh Duong had applied for their parking lot from 2012. The results of Hydromedia outperforming the benchmarks set by standard permeable building material with the combination of durability of concrete and advanced drainage technology. 

Hydromedia is a cutting-edge development which helps minimize costs and long-term maintenance for local authorities and contributed to the sustainability of urban drainage. 

This is a creative mix design developed by Lafarge’s world-class R&D labs. 

All detail information of this product, please visit our website:

Lafarge Vietnam
12A Floor, Bitexco Office Building, 19-25 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
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