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Water non logging solution for soccer playgrounds with synthetic grass

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Synthetic grass soccer playgrounds business is always the “hot” business in any time, especially when quality of life has been improved day by day. Entertainment need, sport need and improving physique will be became a necessary requirement in our life.

Investing for a synthetic grass soccer playground takes a huge amount of capital, so maximize business operator has an important role with investors. Almost synthetic grass soccer playgrounds are using horizontal drainage system which leads to water logging & uneven condition: 

  • Water could not reach to the drainage because the soccer playground is too big
  • Current quarry dust and sand subbase make slope control difficulty, slow drain-off of rainwater and appears some sunk area after a few rains

Besides, a flat soccer playground is always critical need for players who want to play in comfortable and professional place. However, there are still many sunk areas in the soccer playground because of water logging in weak subbase. 

Mr.Ngo Thanh Binh, Technical Management of Hoang Nguyen company said that:

  • Firstly, investors are often very painful with the water logging condition of soccer playgrounds after it rains. They have to stop business 4 -5 days if it only rains in 1 day, which reduces significant revenue of investor.
  • Secondly, the renovation of sunk area where the compaction of the base coarse was not good enough is really costly and time consuming work. An ideal soccer playground has to ensure preconditions that is durability, flatness & 100% water non logging

Understanding this difficulty, Lafarge Vietnam Company has proposed a Hydromedia solution for synthetic grass soccer playgrounds subbase that completely achieved expectations of investors. 

This solution not only brings a beautiful and durable soccer playground but also ensures the surface always keeps flat & dry with high economic efficiency. Hydromedia concrete product has solved completely uneven & water logging condition, a problem not only for the professional soccer field but also for all out door sport facilities.

The reasons makes Hydromedia become a perfect solution are 3E(Engineering – Economic – Environment) characteristics for drainage problem:

Effective storm water management (Engineering): solve 100% soccer field surface does not have water logging after rain by rapid permeability & a durable -flat subbase with basic concrete characteristics
Economic Effective (Economic): Minimum maintenance costs repair for soccer playground for contractor. Hydromedia subbase is durable, long lasting and easy to control slope. Besides, getting a positive effect to increase revenue for investor by fully exploit soccer playgrounds business and save investment costs for construction material.
Protect environment (Environment): return rainwater to the ground through Hydromedia and allow a project to claim LEED (*)point.

From the real value of Hydromedia, Hoang Nguyen Sport is the first company boldly practical application for synthetic grass soccer playground. The success story is created with Hydromedia in subbase at synthetic grass soccer playground project at Sports University of HCM City, one of projects has FIFA standard and get a satisfactory results that 100% water non logging & a perfect durable flat subbase.

Again, Mr Binh said that Hoang Nguyen is really satisfied the soccer playground at Sports University. Lafarge understood their problem and worked together with them to develop full rainwater drainage management solution. They see that Hoang Nguyen and Lafarge can hand in hand to create the Hydromedia sustainable water drainage solution for Sport facilities.

Mrs. Phan Kim Oanh, Product manager of Lafarge Vietnam Company said that “Lafarge is really proud of supporting Hoang Nguyen Company with Hydromedia solution. We always expect Lafarge Vietnam can solve more concerns of construction by product solutions. Sharing and cooperating to build more and more perfect project in the most easily way are always the target of Lafarge and me.

Water non logging solution of Hydromedia is really the boom which supports to increase the quality of synthetic grass soccer playground and a big contribution to Economic effectiveness of company. This solution completely conquered the trust and quality assurance for investor and contractor. 


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