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With openess and connection as core ideas, the villa is all about opening eyesight towards nature & connecting different function areas into one continuous living space. Aluminum - glass sliding doors with maximized glass surface are used to create a mesmerizing open vibe throughout the villa.

On G-floor, 3 rays of smooth folding doors help the owners to fully open up the inside towards the pool and garden. Utilizing an open floor plan, nature is emphasized as a core design component to assimilate into daily lifestyle. The living room, dining room, pool & garden are seamlessly transitioned into one another, allowing flexible usage of the area to welcome guests or spend time with family.

Located in a tropical city, this open design plays an important role as the villa’s natural air ventilation. Additionally, large façade glass panels are installed around the atrium to allow natural light to come in during the day. To accent the interior details, warm tone wood and furniture fully in beige, camel & brown come into play. With the lightest aluminum & glass sliding door ensuring ease of use, everyone can enjoy a relaxing pool view with a range of wild coconut trees.

This modern villa even takes a step ahead as a fully equipped smart-home. Curtains, lights, temperature and gadgets are automatically adjusted via different user profiles. For example, sleeping mode closes all curtains and lights, while hospitality mode opens things up and provides warm lighting throughout the space. In contrast with the villa's openess, when it's in closed mode, the whole house is protected by high quality soundproof, dustproof, waterproof & windproof... glass façade.

Project information:

Location: Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam  
Site Area: 1,000 m²
Construction Area (CA): 250 m²
Total Floor Area (TFA): 700 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Valor Studio
Aluminum & Glass Manufacturers: AREUS Atelier

AREUS Atelier

8 Le Ngo Cat, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC
+84 (0) 28 3535 7890 | 0931707688 | 0917797688 


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