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"Green Luxury" product made from the Alpaca fiber - Interview with the director of Choix Naturel

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The XXI century has witnessed revolutionary transformations. In the design field, there are new materials to be found, new patterns to be mixed in order to satisfy different tastes of people. Choix Naturel enters the market as a pioneer in the “Green Luxury” product trend – exclusive matts made from the Alpaca fiber. Let’s talk to Mr. Serge Giampetrone – Director of Choix Naturel company – to learn how they created the product and introduced it to different markets.

Could you give me a little introduction about Choix Naturel?

Choix Naturel came to be by a passion to develop a truly exclusive product in this field. Approximately 20 years ago we identified the unique qualities of alpaca fibre as suited to "Green Luxury" products due to its softness, robust nature, and cleanability. We use the beautiful natural shades of the animal’s fleece, which if required can be dyed, to build a wonderful environmental story. Our passion, commitment and investment in research and development, established us as the world pioneer and experts in this exclusive market.

Why did you decide to bring Choix Naturel into Vietnam?

Due to another business interest, I am fortunate to have been a regular visitor to Viet Nam (particularly Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) over the last 10 years, I have observed the steady growth of the luxury segment of this market indicating a vast potential for our products.

How do you assess the market in Vietnam regarding the current carpet industry?

I see a willingness to venture outside the industry’s standard, with a steady increased interest in higher quality alternatives such as ours; a changing trend. The designers and architects are eagerly embracing global market trends. Clients limiting their specifications to previously accepted best products are creating a clearly defined separation of the luxury market between those not prepared to compromise and those that are.   Viet Nam, as is been evident in the upper segments, is appreciating carpeting in the same manner as Europeans, Americans and indeed as is the rest of the world (recently the Middle East). Carpeting is a social class statement; adding character and feel to areas otherwise considered lacking personality, imagination and can be uninviting.

Choix Naturel has made several recent breakthroughs. Can you share some more information, such as: Yarn technology – Quality - Choix Naturel’s Production Process – Designs? 

It has taken Choix Naturel over 20 years of dedication, monetary investment (far in excess of USD2M), research and development. Our research is ever evolving. We have mastered the production of our complex yarn and finished products. We continuously strive to achieve new design programs and state-of-the-art machinery. Our design capabilities and applications to the best of our knowledge guarantees no comparison in the global marketplace. Our end products are the reserve of private showings for our most discerning clientele with offerings not publicly available. We are constantly striving to lower our carbon footprint, environmental impact and to further assist and reward farming groups.

How does Choix Naturel and other foreign carpets companies intend to meet the needs of the Vietnamese high end market?

A true understanding of the Vietnamese market is the foremost answer. Our global collaboration with owners, designers and architects assists in determining what is currently most desirable in design, coloration and construction and bring these to fruition. We have retained or engaged the services of renowned artists, graphic and interior designers which will happily collaborate if requested with our Vietnamese partners regarding global activity and trends. Our offerings are uniquely bespoke in every aspect and are tailored to individual application. We manufacture in natural fibre, we believe to be the world’s softest and most robust carpets; produced and designed from ‘front of fireplace’ rugs to lay on to car mats for the world’s most expensive cars (Lamborghini, Aston Martin as upgradeable accessories).

Can you expand on the unique features of Alpaca carpet particularly with regards to the Vietnamese market?

Our offerings transcend all markets. Alpaca fibre is soft as silk, harder wearing than wool, hypoallergenic and an excellent thermal insulator. There is added ‘personal appeal’ as the luxurious fibre historically valued more than silver and gold by Inca Royalty (South America).

Your product appears to be exclusive with no comparison in the market. Why do you think Vietnamese or Asians in general are yet to fully understand and adopt Choix Naturel’s product offering?

As with all products in any market there is a natural progression from ‘understanding’ to ‘acceptance’ of anything new. Once the features and benefits are clearly understood as compared to mainstream, experience is showing Viet Nam is embracing our offering and indeed the entire story as has the rest of the Western world. Viet Nam has demonstrated to us to be a leader in the Asian market, accepting new and innovative products with a willingness to adopt true ‘Green Luxury’ products such as ours.

How do you currently market your product In Vietnam as opposed to the other global markets?

Our solid belief is ‘We have no equal’; we must accordingly demonstrate in a slow and steady, methodical manner the basis of our conviction. Older, more mature markets consider natural fibre interior products as clearly the best available and are happily accepting of our offerings. Our choice not to ‘mass market’, although serving a purpose in awareness and education, is limited by the annual quantity of fibre available to support the level of sales that are achievable. We therefore target only progressive architectural and interior design companies we believe are in the upper echelon and forefront of the region.

What are the challenges or advantages faced by Choix Naturel in the Vietnamese market?

The challenge is time to impart knowledge and confidence to specify our products. There is no global predecessor in our field to draw comparison. Viet Nam, from our experience to date, is eager to join the informed global market adopting principles of ‘Green Luxury’ with products clearly exhibiting these attributes. This has been evident of late by the number of enquiries from architects and designers requesting information and our presence.

Which of Choix Naturel products are currently distributed in the global market?

We do have standard offerings; our specialisation is a bespoke offering meeting our clients’ considerably varying needs and expectations, influences and cultures. We produce all known styles and constructions; however, the demand has been in creating one of a kind, unique, hybrid versions.

- Thank you for your time Mr Serge Giampetrone! 

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