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[ Tiếng Việt ] Total Area: ~ 500 ha.

Located in Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, 13 km far from the center of Hanoi, Van Giang Commerce and Tourism Township (Eco Park) of Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment J.S.C is one of satellite urban area projects that have been particularly concerned by investors and future potential customers. With total square of about 500 ha, many advantages in geographical position, traffic, social – economic position, large investment capital (more than USD 6 billions), those are necessary condition helping the project be regarded as one of the top projects in Vietnam nowadays. However, it is its investor’s orientation to build a “city of green and blue” with good care of nature, security, culture.. building a safe, clean, beautiful, close to nature living climate, a not only modern but also very cultural township... that is the sufficient condition making Ecopark be a so potential project.

At present, Eco Park is at the last steps of land clearance. In the early 2008, the township is estimated to start building. Right now, Eco Park investor have prepared to check and take over the detailed master plan scale 1:500 done by CPG Consultants (Singapore). Lately, on 26/11/2007, this company and Cardno Lawson Treloar (Australia) signed the contract for Eco Park water quality control with its investor - Vihajico. This program is promoted to study water features and quality, and then apply the most advanced technical models to guarantee the township a safe, clean water climate. Eco Park is proud to be the first township in Vietnam who invest in this scientific and human activity.

Residential ward

Eco Park Township would be built with diversified house styles such as low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise apartments at different costs to meet every kind of customer's demand in maximum.


Old quarter

The old town in Eco Park would be built to recreate old cultural features of Tonkin villages and Hanoi old streets with particular traits of eating and drinking, dressing, behaving culture of Vietnamese people. This is the important emphasized point of "Cultural tourism" estimated to attract 5.000-10.000 tourists per day.

The old town is divided into several small wards with different functions:

In here will many festivals be held to attract tourists.

Decorating shops and houses for each festival concept, creating a specific impressive feature and always innovative to tourists.

Trade complex

Trade and mixed-use zones mainly gather in the centre of Township, large enough, reasonable land use coefficient, large density of traffic lines combining with large square will surely attract investors.

Projects located in Trade and mixed-use zones:

The investor's target on building these works is making Eco Park become the economic and commercial center of Hung Yen and neighbored provinces.

18-hole golf course

During recent years, golf has become popular sport in Vietnam. However, there has been 3 golf courses only in the North including Dong Mo, Ngoi Sao Chi Linh and Tam Dao. Supply does not meet demand. Building an international quality standard golf course to represent recreational areas inside the township is an effective way for investor and meet timely inhabitants' demand.

In addition, golf course will also create beautiful landscape to raise the value for neighboring works. At present, this is the 18-hole golf course closest to Hanoi.

There are functioning wards inside the golf course such as:

Traffic system

Traffic system in Eco Park Township is planned with a network including thoroughfare and collector roads.


- 100m central boulevard, including a 38m thoroughfare, a 31m collector road and a 31m green reservation area

- Arterial Roads (38m & 45m)

- Local access roads (16m - 20m)

- Round-a-bout systems that are:

Township utilities

Eco Park Township with road system along man-made lakes combines and construct the green for it.

Inner parks are designed to be suitable with particularity of each wards and make nature and community activities grow closer.

Green trees, water, recreational public center: increasing social welfare, making environment and landscape more beautiful.

Vihajico attach special importance to infrastructure and proposing policies to complete educational, health care centers, minimum living demands such as water, electricity, waste treatment, social security... at international quality standard. Vihajico's success with Eco Park Township would bring to inhabitants a high quality living condition.

You are seeking for...

With Eco Park - Nothing is impossible!

Landscape trees

Open spaces

Total Capital : 6 billions USD.


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