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The Grand View

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[ Tiếng Việt ] The Grand View is designed follow style of opening architecture in order to create space for each apartments view to nature and landscape. Design ideal come from the “special” location of The Grand View: In the opposite side of The Grand View is the landscape of the South with river, boat, plant. Saigon South is at the riverhead which can get wind from Sea East and Can Gio protective forest; therefore The Grand View can get pure wind.

The Grand View is also located right at the gate which is adjacent to Canh Doi (Southside) and Kenh Dao (Canal) Area; in which Canh Doi was developed completely and Kenh Dao is planned similar Canal Area of The U.S, this either has function of getting water from Half-moon River or being a landscape canal for the area. In the future, Kenh Dao Area will be completed with office buildings, luxury shopping and entertain centers along the canal. All of those features create imposing scenery – Meaning of “The Grand View” comprises all of them.

Master plan

B1 apartment

B4 apartment

C3 apartment

D3 apartment  

Particularly thing of the construction is creating harmony for architectural blocks existing in a charming place which is full of specific characters of Southern land. Look from the outside, the building is 2 modern blocks transparent by glasses which is used as the main material for outside decoration for balcony, window; and watching sightseeing at everywhere on the house with many angles is possible. The tenant always enjoys the most beautiful landscapes which have specific features of a living environment in an urban with sky, plant, river and boat in a fresh atmosphere.  Occupying 1/3 of second block is a 2-storey architecture block which is a shopping center linking to trading town of Kenh Dao Area. With salient features of location, architecture and linking to Kenh Dao Area, The Grand View not only meets house demand but also is a center of community, a beautiful landscape for the tenants as well as visitors, travelers for walking, watching, shopping, entertaining and relaxing.

Address: Phú Mỹ Hưng, Dist 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone:  (08) 5411 8888
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