Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower

Chủ nhật, 10 Tháng 5 2009 19:58

Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower is located on Pham Hung Street, in the central of new urban which is consider “the heart” of Hanoi; and away 22.5km from Noi Bai International Airport. This is a convenient location where many central and administrative offices of Hanoi as well as National Conference Center are located.


With total 8 types area (from 107 to 433sq.m), Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower comprises one 70 storeys and 2 basements tower which is built on land with area of 46,000sq.m and the height of 336m, two 47 storeys apartments towers which supply 918 units together with a hotel is control by a professional hotel management company which has branches all over the world, trading center and other facilities.

Not only being a symbol of a highest tower in Vietnam, this project also focus on a friendly and comfortable living environment which is closed to the airport and synchronous infrastructure system including shopping center, entertainment area, office buildings, services centers, gym with modern equipment along with a perfect construction quality, nice design and standards for buildings as well as for interior.

When the project completed, this will be the highest tower in Vietnam and is the 17th of the world. Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower is also a 5th tower of the world about total area of a single project.

Address: Phạm Hùng, Cầu Giấy Dist, Hanoi City
Phone:  1900 5555 86
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