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Vietnamese architect wins Turgut Cansever International Award

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A Vietnamese architect recently won the Turgut Cansever International Award, part of the 2020 International Contextual Architecture Awards held to celebrate famous Turkish architect.

Doan Thanh Ha of the Hanoi-based H&P Architects (HPA) was honoured with the “Friendly Space in Suffocating Urban Areas” project, which was launched in Vietnam in 2013.

An architecture in the "Friendly Space in Suffocating Urban Areas" project

HPA was established in Vietnam in 2009 by Ha and his associate. The company’s projects include offices, residences, hotels, resorts, hospitals, and urban designs.

It has won 40 international prizes so far.

The International Contextual Architecture Awards in memory of Architect Turgut Cansever sought entries that exhibit original interpretations of the Turkish architect’s design principles.

These principles include adapting designs to regional characteristics, thereby promoting cultural continuity, regional values and distinctive local attributes. The awards aim to highlight the importance of local identity in a globalised world.


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